1. N


    Hey does anyone know of a good front veiw pic of vegeta and a nice side view one? I looked and i have Crappy ones thx in advanced.
  2. S

    dbgtn models

    ok hawk ice deleted last thread cuz of spam. so doon't spam this one. i am the one who is skinning teck. but i also remade him. heres the pics of teck and gokan. credits on teck to azn dragon, smo, black raidon, Turk, Mastasurf, and Xstortionist
  3. Stanz

    Good Trunks Pic?

    Do any of you have a good picture of trunks that I can use with a darkish look maybe with a black background?
  4. Skinnerfool

    Majin Vegeta Battle damage

    I will skin a vegeta battle damage but first i need ref pics
  5. Morrone

    Help NEEDed.

    Ok, I've tried atleast 6 to 8 programs for screen capturing. But not a signle of them seemt o work for Windows Media Player or Real One Player. This is what happens when I try to take a picture of a DBZ episode or any video from any program. Thats what I get everytime. There HAS to be a way...
  6. Super_Vegeta.LE

    70% goku, (WIP)

    heres a new one from me :) enjoy :D
  7. S

    Need to know a good pic site

    I need to know a really good dbz picture archive. any one know? i wanna start making some more pictures PLEASE HELP
  8. -Dark Shadow-

    can someone find me a picture please?

    even though i have posted this in off topic i think it was in the wrong place i need a picture of goku and vegeta touching fingers while in the fusion dance and are about to go to gogeta and then have gogeta in front of them in the middle the size is what you but in normal sigs like top to...
  9. -Dark Shadow-

    Where do you get your pictures from which is on your sig?

    Where does everyone get there pictures from to put on their sig like a web like a ssj goku where do they get that?
  10. K

    reference pics

    i was wondrin if sum1 could make a sticky for people to post urls for reference pics, so anyone can put sum pics up and then we could hav comunal referencing, it would make it a lot easier and also get rid/reduce the number of reference pic posts... just a suggestion
  11. V

    DBZ Pics (I forgot the site)

    Hi guys, Sorry to disturb you but I used to had a site with very very very mucht DBZ pics. It was an ugly site with a few hyperlinks to the character names, and when u clicked on it there came very mucht pictures. I don't know the url anymore, but I would really appreciate it if someone...
  12. Koren

    Beginning modler needs help

    hey can some one help me find some things that will help me model dbz characters?