1. I

    AF Pack v2.0

    These are the first and second packs for the Ultra AF Pack Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?b8yjwvjvg0u3dal,7i6ze513bnar3s5 Second Pack Includes: Bardock AF Future Trunks AF Gohan AF Raditz AF Teen Trunks Also some updated characters: Vegetto Gogeta Dont care if you don't like it, it was...
  2. @lv/n


    Hi! I was wondering if you ppl know DBAF (of course you do) cuz it ROCKS!!! although it's a fanart it's great and the story's very cool too... My fav char is of course SSJ5 goku, although i like SSJ3 vegeta too You like DBAF or it's just a piece of ****?
  3. E

    DBAF Model of USSJ5 GOKU

    Do You Like My Model
  4. D

    My SSJ5 GOKU MODEL!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the model let me know wut u think im trying to take the extra 300 vertices off the model so i can finish it but here is a a preveiw and let me know wut u think
  5. S

    NON DBZ figures

    is it possible that some people ever maded non-DBZ figures (like a sayan called Hurukai or something like that)
  6. -Dark Shadow-


    as loads of ppl wanted a ssj5 i dunno if it has been made or not well here it is pic first! here is the dl link Copy and paste it! http://www.geocities.com/spectredemons2/Ssj5goku.zip Enjoy!
  7. K


    just so everone knows AF is real it stands for alternitive future but he ssj5 and 6 and that **** is fake the story is pan is old and she is readin like a scrool about the dragon and finds out everything will be detroyed by the dragon or something like that i can't read jappanese that well and...
  8. Wuying Ren

    Picceta Skin :D

    Hi I made a Vegeta skin. That looks like Picceta from Dragon Ball AF: Thats Picceta: Thats the Skin: I did this skin very quick. So its not the best lol
  9. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..