1. bapplebo

    Davis WIP, and help needed

    Ok, ive started to make a model for ND, cause i like LittleFighter2 too. So here is my dave model. No copying and no cloning. i also need help with hair. reply here if you wanna help. Credit: ND for the request Me for the model Marti Wong and Starsky Wong for the great game LF2 Vassgao for...
  2. dudeman

    john davis

    john davis in cartoon style.. how ya guys like it?
  3. freeportpretz22

    My first model, help plz!

    My first model I'm working on my first model and I need some help, so if anyone can help, please contact me on AIM at DaviS C 6590 I'd really appreciate it, Thanks Alot, War Hamster
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