1. J-Dude

    Avatar Trouble!!! Danger Will Robinson!!! Danger!!!

    I'm having a horrible paradox when it comes to avatars on this forum. I've never had this issue with any other forum, just ESForces. I've found that when uploading an avatar, even if the image is larger than 100X100 pixels and has a file-size of about 50 kilobytes (well above the limit of...
  2. Drmt`

    stupid problem (danger - n00b ahead)

    well.. i modeled a goku , from esf 1.3 goku's render, do'nt worry i'm nopt ripping it im just practising. i sorta mixed up the projection (left with right) and now my model is all black. look for your self is there a way to fix it? thnx
  3. PiXel

    Perfect Cell - 56k Danger!

    work time: 4 hours Polycount: 2388 Sources: Davidskiwans ref and a couple of dbz pics Pic link: http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/4451/cellwip6pv.jpg Comment: Uhm, some peeps asked me to join a addon for esf, i though i would test myself for it, if i finish a dbz model, im in, if not...
  4. P

    The danger zone

    I forget the name of the map with the lava, but there need to be more mapps with inherint dangers in them just to spice up the battles. For example, have a mountain pass with automated beam cannon turrets, like the ones that guard the Red Ribbon Army base in DB, that shoot indiscriminantly at...