d or l

  1. O

    About a mod i d/l

    Curious if anyone downloaded the mod Evolution Class eXtensions RC2 ?? If so, how do you unlock those acended transformations..? ie. Goku's SSJ4 is locked... and So is Vegeta's.. Hope i posted in the right section. Please help?
  2. S

    d/l fusion

    Where do i download the fusion sprites and all that because when i go in some servers it says u need models/evolution/fusion.mdl (something like that) I dont know where to download that...sry if this question is stupid
  3. A

    People cant join my server because they cant d/l my namek.wad

    Is there a way i can let people download my namek.wad because people cant join my server because of it when i have the map on esf_cellarena_b3.bsp i think its called can someone tell me how i can let them download it please?
  4. E

    linux server d/l needed and fast

    heres the deal my m8 wants to buy a server but the server company cant get the 1.1 linux version anywere , none of the links on this site or fourm works :s eeeeek some one plz get a url to me fast so i can pass it on regards Ezekiel
  5. V

    can someone give me a link to d/l the normal ssj trunks please

    i need my normal ssjtrunks back the d/l looks like something outta a horror flick and i honestly need the normal one back:cry::cry: :cry: :cry: this one blows:cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. Q

    anyone know where to d/l dbz series?

    cuz here, in belgium, we've only seen the frieza saga (for 2 times allready) and now when u finally think 3th time is a charm, they're gonna get on with the story noooo next friday: Raditz arrival. so I just want to d/l the next saga :) anyone knows a site to d/l em? I knew one earlier but I...
  7. C

    How many d/l hits did u guys get?

    I was wondering how many Hits u guys got for the new beta? :]
  8. B

    im up t 7:00am GMT time i check website no beta1 d/l

    why o why i will wait hopefully it will on for when i finish school
  9. S

    D/L links dont work.

    All of the D/L links except for Fileplanet and the one in italy work. I d/l at about 1 meg normally, but about 7kb from italy, im im not waiting an hour and a half in line on file planet unless I absolutely have no choice. You may want to fix this little dillema.
  10. SandMan

    Where can i D/L the SSJ Script

    Can someone tell me where i can download the SSJ Script, i just now finally got ESF to work, and sense Antoine's site is down i dont know where to get it, if you can send it to me through AIM or something please do so, thnx for your time
  11. Akhkaru

    SSJ model ready to D/L

    Right here is where you gets it, ENJOY!!