1. Wangster

    Cya guys!

    hey guys, i decided to not play esf for some while, (busy doing maya and stuff, eating time) . and scool is going to start in 2 weeks, so i need to rest a lil. but i think that i wil be back in a month or so, when school is getting easy again, maybey i wil be gone longer... im sorry, Cya all...
  2. C


    can somebody help me i downloaded milkshape 3d and i dont get how to make a model can somebody plz help me?
  3. JDeezNutz

    BoJack Trunks problem

    i downloaded a bojacks trunks model, normal and ssj, i viewed them in HL viewer, i put them in the right trunks folder and everytime i play the game and choose trunks, i see a goku model *default model* shall i rename the to bojack files to trunks and ssjtrunks? if anybody know what is wrong...
  4. Loki

    Cya Later Guys

    Im gonna be gone for maybe a month, maybe longer. I may be able to occasionly stop in and post. Hey Engar if ya could take over in some places, don't take complete control cause I'll be on for time on to just post in FanFic3. Til then Cya guys Later!!:yes:
  5. Loki

    Cya in 3 weeks

    Well I gotta go for abit ya know stuff to do and junk... Tonight is my last night for a while so cya in 3 weeks! :cry: :cry:
  6. Guerilla

    my first model! yey!

    heres a pic of it, im a complete model newb, heh