1. dakilla229

    i just want a simple cutout please

    cut out wade and the basketball please
  2. Z

    first War of Genesis WP

    What do you think. Im kinda getting a hint that the font isnt so good : \ crits?
  3. H

    Kenshin wallpaper

    wonder if i should just make an art topic here and renew it like i do at dmz forums oh well Just messing with a simple style still, I liked how well kenshin expressed emotions with facial features and decided to do this.. comments?
  4. GotenksOwnz

    Little pic help plz

    Yo me again lol OK i am getting the hang on PSP and nerely there as you will see my sig at the end of this post. I would like to know how to remove the back round from a pic so i am left with the person i want on my sig in the end. Or should i use Photoshop to do this. Also when i am making my...
  5. -Dark Shadow-

    where do you all get your backgrounds and pictures from?

    Ok do you get like your backgrounds from YOUR program you make sigs with or from other things? and how to you get them? that sort? And where do you get your pics what you put on your sig? and even do you cut your pics out? and how?
  6. owa

    Final Fantasy Banner

    Well I was bored and a site that I do the News Letter and Super Mod the forums asked for a site banner (I won't give the URL away cause itm ayb e a form of advertising so if ya wnat it pm me) Anyways here it is: