1. -Origin

    Need help on customizing an Invision Power Board, anyone?

    Yeah so.. I can't figure out how to make a forum *look* exactly as I want it to look. If only it were as simple as using paint or whatever to fill in the blank spots, but yeah.. unfortunately it's not. So my question is... Can anyone here help me make or customize a skin for an Invision...
  2. S

    Few Suggestions, Fusion, Customizing, etc

    This is actually my first post on the forums, and my first day playin the game. I gotta say its damn good. I figured why not start out on the forums by givin a few ideas that could already make this awsome game even better? My first idea has probably already been said but whatever. Whos...
  3. imkongkong

    Customizing the Powerup

    I looked at differnet parts of the forum and couldn't find my answer. Anyways, what do I need and have to do to make my own custom powerup? I've seen many different custom ones out there, and if anyone could inform me of the files i need to edit, and how to implement it, it would be much...
  4. imkongkong

    Counter Strike Customizing

    does anybody know how to change the names of the players? for instance, when you choose either terrorist or counter terrorist, on the left side has names of the people. for instance terrorists has phoenix connection, artic, l337 player, etc. How can you change the name phoenix connection and...