1. Nemix

    Improve customizable HUD

    well its really nice that esf now uses xml to customize the hud with png images... its absolutely great but the scouter is also part of the hud can you guys make the scouter customziable through the xml code of the hud ... so new huds can have new scouters as well ;) just a little...
  2. GoldenBlade

    Customizable Character Slots

    The game should have customizable character slots were you could put any models you want and choose the stats of thar character but with limits like if you puted too much attack you cant have much speed etc....That way a player could have all the characters he wants and still play with the...
  3. B

    Customizable Characters?

    First, let me apolgize if i'm repeating an Idea.. i've been away from the mod for some while but intend on gettin back into things with my new internet connection... Been watching the DBZ series and was thinking how neat it would be to see this char or that char in the game... so I wondered...