1. Diablos

    drawing how i feel + *3/4 of cuss word :O*

    i doubt anyone but david will remember the last bit of art i put up here for you guys to see, but i kinda dissapeared into the abyss after i posted it. i just did this and i thought i'd let you guys see it. (the picture is of me, by the way) its not amazing, 30 mins in photoshop, but i...
  2. Wyatt

    I made a GokuGt

    OK like it says i made a gt goku, but im having a few prob compiling. I found out i need a reference.smd and when i try to export it it says invalid vertex bone assignment. But as soon as i find out how to fix that ill release and in the mean time ill try to find a host for a pic and btw id...
  3. S

    Can someone make me a Kick *edit* Piccolo model!

    Can someone make me a Piccolo model like one with his training armor like the one under my name or even better. I can even put it on my webpage which will be models, maps, auras, and beams that ppl can dl. *Don't circumvent the anti-cuss* *Cucumba!*