1. S

    Majin Chibi trunks lol........

    well, i was practicing my drawin, and drew a pic of chibi trunks, but i gave him a bit of a weird grin, so i decided to make him Majin, i thought sum people here might like it so here it is: BTW: check out Dragonball NG, the link is in the topic in the "off topic" forum Enjoy!
  2. T

    its a me mario!

    credits to j for the gloves, and special thanks to crackerjack for the head model!!! a luigi will follow very soon... j is making one 10X better so his will probably replace this one..
  3. Trunks Shadow

    Tien Model...eventually for ESF

    Tien Model...for ESF Well I started a new model.. Tien.. cuz i see so many people that want Tien and a few other models.. so im going to make them. I would like to get on the ESF team.. so my question to you forum goers.. is it good enough for that...
  4. T

    a request from everyone

    well im modeling a form 3 freeza and i need pics plz post them on here.... and bruno make this a stick since i lost my powers
  5. xstortionist

    Finally!! Perfect Cell is Finished