1. M

    Ice Cube

  2. gokucool44

    they need to put it on game cube. x box.ps2.

    dont they need to do that
  3. M

    MK: Deception for Cube? i'm looking for mk: deception for gamcube. ign says its out on cube but i haven't seen it anywhere,could it be that it's not out in europe?any help is apreciated.
  4. RavenTrunks

    where can i get Cube media?

    hey i saw somone post it a while back but i couldnt find it in search. its a program that you can listen to audio and watch videos from ps2 games. anyone have any idea where i can get it?
  5. Demi-Shadow

    Link Model!!

    Ok, it's more of a pack.. but still. I'm making a Link pack to replace Trunks for v1.1, The pack will consist of: A child Link model/skin An adult Link model/skin for the transformation New sounds A shield for the block animation (un-confirmed) New sprites (like bombs and boomerang)...
  6. OneWingedAngel

    Which is Better?

    Hey, I decided to try mapping after i relized i have no talent for modeling ;/ anyways I was wondering which is better Worldcraft or Hammer? I'm DLing Hammer right now but i'd like to know if one is better then the other your help would be appreciated and if you help i'll give you :paper...
  7. N

    My Models

    I've registered ([email protected]!) Milkshape so now I can create models as long as I want... At the moment I'm making Guldo (the short green guy from the Ginyu Force), and I've almost completed him. I only have to make the shoulder padding and the head now, but those are quite detailed, so it takes the...
  8. D

    plz help me

    i was trying to make a map for esf, i was going to make The Other World Tornement arena (where goku fight's piccon just befor the sayaman saga) i thought it would be pretty cool with the stadium below and little planets above (if youve seen it its pretty cool). so heres my prob; is there a...