1. G

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 HELP

    I just downloaded this and i dunno how to make Sigs and all that, can someone give me a tutorial, i am new to all this making Pics thanks, Also how do i get in the CRAZY texts ?
  2. J

    Problem with using text in Photoshop CS2.

    Hey all, having a problem with photshop. When I type anything even with a simple default font like Arial, it will all be in capitals, no matter what. No, caps lock is not on. It just all is in upper case no matter what in any font. This only happens in photoshop, it works normal in paint. I am...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    what the **** -CS2

    theres no 3d transform in photoshop cs2!! nooo, that was such a cool feature?!?!?! did they move it or somethnig? do i need to get some plugin?
  4. B

    Where to find the 'application number' of ps cs2

    I need to find my application number of my adobe photoshop cs2 and i dont know where its at, anyone know? i dont think its the serial, i have that. is it in the program somewhere.