1. Ness

    Crystal Chronicles

    I tried a 3D pixelated approach this time, and since MSN was down, and i couldn't play it at the time because related issues....:rolleyes: i made an attempt at a Crystal Chronicles Sig to celecbrate the release of it in the UK ;D whatdya think? (lets see you complain about this one...
  2. Tyrael


    I am making a signature but i need a good lettertype like these names How do i get that?
  3. N

    Musashi Sword Skin W.I.P.

    after being pushed around by parents for about 10 hours i finally got some time to skin musashi's sword: by the way our site is: Elemental Fusion
  4. S

    Which do YOU prefer?

    Number 1 Number 2 And... Number 3 What do you guys like best?
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