1. SG_SSJ!

    Can I put the crosshair used in 1.3 in 1.2.3?

    Can I put the new crosshair in 1.2.3?
  2. A

    Halp, I've got no crosshair!

    Sometimes the crosshair appears for a few seconds on my screen and then it disapperas please help me!
  3. D

    option to remove/edit crosshair

    well this is basically for myself it wont really alter the game but i find its really fun to play without a crosshair and its kind of annoying to replace it with an empty file after every re-install (which i have to do often) so i suggest that you can edit the crosshair to have different...
  4. D

    get rid of crosshair

    a friend told me to enter in hud_draw 0 to get rid of the crosshair, it was fun playing that way but everything else glitched so is there a way to get rid of the crosshair without that command?
  5. D


    when i downloaded EVM my crosshair turned into a tiny tiny red dot in esf,evm. which pisses me off how do i fix this?
  6. manontherun

    New Crosshair

    I was wondering could anyone convert this quake 3 crosshair into ESF? This is how is looks in bitmap format (less quality but supposed to work in HL) Notes: Its around 3x bigger than the original ESF crosshair. The two...
  7. B

    Crosshair Problems

    Sometimes when i play esf my crosshair moves from the middle of the screen to different locations. i want to know how to fix that (When i say crosshair moving to another location i dont mean by the mouse moving but it locks on a different location soi usually its in the middle butu can move...
  8. B

    Crosshair Problems

    Hey sometimes when i am play ESF in third person view my crosshiar is moved from its postion to the middle and is set to the right how do i fix it?
  9. K

    My new Crosshair (WIP)

    I made a new crosshair coz the old 1 doesnt aim good This is my first try on a crosshair ever and it works fine for me :p here are some pics
  10. K

    New Crosshair sprite (WIP)

    Heey there i made a crosshair coz i think the old 1 doesnt aim very good so here's some pics (copy and paste) it might look simple but it...
  11. Reox

    White crosshair...

    I made own crosshair, its white... what can i say? take a look... This is the one i made: Original: Download: Click here. This is my first sprite. Btw, i think it looks better ingame. New eyelaser: D/L: Click me :)
  12. T

    Crosshair troubles...

    [FONT=Verdana] [COLOR=Blue] My crosshairs have to be below the person before they light up red or do i fix this problem? It did that the first time i played and for a couple days after that. Then it went back to what it should be until now, and don't remember how to fix it. How...
  13. Frieza

    Wheres the trunks crosshair fix?

    Hey, Wheres the the trunks crosshair fix? i searched all the forums, please gimme a link?
  14. G


    Hi, I think the current crosshair is sorta big and I was just wondering if anyone can make me a smaller one. Just simple small cross in the middle of the screen that changes colour like the defualt one when you move it over another player would be cool. Thanks
  15. P

    Sword crosshair fix

    This should fix the sword not having a crosshair... Save it to (Your HL directory)\esf\sprites\ The fix (Right click + save as) Also see , or just read the quote :)
  16. H

    Trunks Crosshair?

    The SWORD melee one...why is there none?
  17. F

    new crosshair model

    I dont know if this thread belongs here or not so ill just post it here i want to extract a sprite i downloaded from redsaiyan but it says in winrar and winace its currupt. can someone give me the sprite itself cause my winrar and winace dont work.
  18. D

    Converting crosshairs?

    how would i convert a crosshair from another game to esf? any1 know?
  19. G


    Does anyone have good crosshair sprites i am i need of a nice big crosshair :D
  20. S


    I see that the crosshair is centered in the screen and stays in the same spot, and not in the distance like now... but from the picture it looks as if its not staying on the crosshair but going up instead.. does it actully go straight, as in stay in the crosshair, or does the beams/attacks look...