1. Shadi

    Model remover (credits goes to hleV)

    First of all, sorry for my bad English :) Hey, this is a simple plugin, it basically removes random models on a map. Let's take an example, in esf_cell_games_night, you see lot's of trees and stones. They can cause disturbance in the middle of your fight, let's take an example: if your...
  2. Nemix

    ESF Model Showoff (+Credits)

    This Thread is dedicated for people like me or like you, who think they make great looking Model Edits or just like looking at Good Models. Well every Model Editor is invited to post his best works here. Only with one condition: GIVE CREDITS TO EVERYTHING YOU DID TO THE MODEL! I will do most of...
  3. Nemix

    Credits Request!!

    I need to know who did Goku, Vegeta and Gohan, both Model and Texture!
  4. Mr.Lukyas

    10 credits question!

    Who wants to be earn 10 credits? Just answer this question: What is the shortest FULL sentence in English?
  5. Killface


    I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but whats with the whole credits thing by our username? Does it serve any significance or purpose and why the hell do I have -201?!? :p
  6. blackplague


    If you want the model of vegeta that i changed for esf, please click here comes with mdl file and backup mdl file if you guys dont like it :) please post comments!
  7. Kreshi

    Gogeta VIP2!!!!!!!

    hm............ i am very angry now!!! ;( and sad too :( S-Bolt-- why did you closed my thread? you had not any reason to close it!!!!! ;( :( :cry: What do i wrong, or what do a other person wrong? NOTHING!!! And why should i not be allowed to use "pics" from other models to make my own...
  8. B

    .. madness ...

    Madness... not much to explain :\ .... i think al pictures were taken by me so no credits for that, moeha :devgrin: its kinda small (i made it on a 1024*768 laptop, and didnt really concider to make it big) (and yes i know, the font/text sux)
  9. OubliezJe

    Newdbng bg :)

    I didnt think that iwould makene more but i did......neways heres where to see em.... Credits go to david for coming up with dbng p.s. which one looks better? the one with teck hitting trunks on the head, or the one not with it?
  10. S


    Check out my Oozaru, it´s not done yet but almost!! it´s really big! Oozaru!!
  11. Element4q2

    GokuGT Pack Released

    Humpz0r has kindly offered to host my pack since RedSaiyan seems to be down again. Here's the link: It's finally up for download. And yes it does have the SSJ4 thats in my sig. Feel free to post comments
  12. I

    me!! :smile:

    ive made a model edit of what i would like to look like if i was a dbz character... and here it is Credits to: nuttzy, big boss, and sexy asian :]
  13. W

    Cell_Sega_gohan+ pic+dl !

    got damn! duds! look i got ssj2gohan model. and i just need u to make me ssj gohan hair ! u see look this is the gohan model pack i made i dont make the models i edit them to 1 pack: here is the dl to edit them for me.
  14. S

    Black Goku

    yes yes black goku i've done model and i want to show it to you so if you can enable attachments for me :D :D
  15. Death The Jedi

    Battle Damaged Cloud

    I know it's not the best re-skin ever, but it's only the 2nd time I've opened a skin in photoshop. Credits: Shijing, darkstryphe
  16. T

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1 ready to release! credits on. well here it is at last just need someone to host it............... enjoy............. :devsmile:
  17. Viki@killer

    My first pack...

    I maked a bublle,ice and water kamehameha sprite.Also i maked new gallit gun aura.And,I maked Goku with his stick on his back(reskin from original model,credits to that person who maked it[only normal form]). I wanna now where I can post that???Ah,yes,I think I'm now reached 50 posts...
  18. A

    dragonball af goku ssj5/golden oozaru model

    I have succesfully found a working dragonball af ssj5 goku model someone has made. I have also found a golden oozaru of vegeta that is normal size (i think). Anyway i dun think i can release the model url due to some restrictions of this forums, and i have no idea who made these models for esf...
  19. Tweek


    ..I saw the earlyer post about a WIP SSJ3 Vegeta and it enspired me 2 dig out me old SSJ3 mdl ;D it has just been lying around my computer 4 the last mounth or so and i was wondering if there was anythin i could do 2 make it better :rolleyes: Well it should hopefully be posted on BS...
  20. S

    Vegeta RedSayian V2.0

    How do you like him im not taking any critz cause have worked on him a long FREAKING TIME ok mabye about 5 or 6 days and i need a host for it. Credits: the guy who made vegeta, me