1. Synth

    Strange Creatures O_O
  2. M

    Deadly Creatures

    They finally released some new footage on this game, you take the role of a scorpion or a spider so far those are the only chooseable creatures anyways. This video shows some of the singleplayer. I love the animations they have in this...
  3. Deverz

    Spore Creatures

    The Creator is officially out now Post pics of your Creations. Include names :)
  4. A

    mmm mythical creatures

    if you could be any mythical creature...anything from a vampire to a worlock...what would you be and why?
  5. Marauder


    after suffering amass attack of a rebel laser beemthe mother ship became INFECTED with desises of all kinds ,deadly to all creatures,soon after that... the mothership has fallen ^_^ something i wiped up for my next piece :D check it out here:
  6. A

    Impossible Creatures Stress Test

    Its awesome! GO to FILEPLANET.COM RIGHT AWAY. I KNOW FILEPLANET SUCKS BUT ITS THE *ONLY* WAY! I am happy with my Wizard of Oz style Flying monkeys