1. Z

    Spirit bomb causing a Crash?

    Ok well i'm not sure if this is the problem but my game normalily runs ok unless somebody uses a spirit bomb which makes the game crash so does anybody know where i could get a new maybe custom sprite file for the spirit bomb?
  2. U

    game crash

    i get half way to the game and it boots me out why
  3. G

    Scatter shot crash

    Okay ive found out that scatter shot can crash servers faster then anything else.. and the way to do so who do i need to pm this to ? or is this already known issue
  4. P

    crash on server start

    im wondering if the lack of the voiceicon.spr is the reason esf crashes when you start a game:devgrin:
  5. D

    Half life launcher crash...

    Whenever I create a game as it is loading the map the game crashes leaving me with an error messages thats says: "Half-Life Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I have tried changing my video settings and also completely reinstalling...
  6. S

    model help

    when i try to compile my .qc file it starts to then it says ms3d has caused an error and needs to close. can somebody help or if you can i can send my model to you (its a ssj 3 vegeta) and you can compile it for me. heres an image.
  7. M

    Kibots make me crash!

    Ok, I downloaded the 3.1 version of kibots and the patches and all that crap. They work fine when i first use them, then i try to change their melee skill, and it crashes. I have to reboot. I play again and soon as it says "goku(or whoever) enters the game" it crashes and I have to reboot...
  8. P


    my one go back to windows desktop when i'm about to transform is there any other way instead of cl_fxquality 0 and tell me breifly
  9. D


    weet er iemand waar ik opengl kan downloaden voor windows XP want mijn pc crasht altijd met software en met direct 3d lagt ie
  10. mr. roshi

    WON servers are down = cause for crash

    WON servers are down so if ur trying to connect to internet to play ESF and MOD for half life u will not be able to as of now. they are probably updating their server stuff so sit tight it could be a coupla hours.
  11. S

    why do servers crash so much?

    why do servers crash so much? many servers where i play in most of the time has a connection error some say its the freeza disc but can you guys fix this issue? :(
  12. N

    Game crash

    Hey I installed the game yesterday, and finally made it work Everything is just fine... when I play alone :p When I add a bot, or when I join another game, the game crashes after some seconds\minutes... I don't know if it is because of a specific action... I looked around for a thread...