1. VeGeTTo

    Crapy siggy new :P

    pls comment this siggy and say what grade does it deserve?
  2. DBZ master

    are'nt all YU-GI-OH games crapy

    i baught all yugioh games and i hink they all suck
  3. D

    need some Help!

    Hi. When i get some DB pics. they all have a crapy quality. Sometimes i can also count the pixel o_o because of the quality. Is there a tool, filter or something to get the quality better and when i cut some characters from a pic. it, the look not good, i mean i see some cut rest and so...
  4. Damaera

    SSJ6 Goku?

    Here guys this will be fair
  5. TehMuffinMan

    my cheap battle damaged vegeta

    well, this is my very cheap attempt at a battle damaged vegeta: well, tell me, its only a 3 min job so dont expect anything good :S but anyways, i woz gonna do a skin for another model but i dunno which one, so, who do u think i should do? (ps, its AZN's model, just the edited the skin:S )