1. Suh Dude

    Cracks, serials..

    My friend won't freaking deny that hes wrong. I told him cracks and "free" serials are considered as pirated software since its used to open it as he's giving it out illegally. He doesn't think so, but hell i'm not the one getting in trouble if he's caught. Am I right or am I wrong?
  2. DiebytheSword

    ROMs, ISOs, and game cracks . . . oh my.

    This new section is to discuss video gaming in all of it's miryad forms, be it handhelds, be it consoles, or be it pc gaming. We will continue, however, to remain vigilant and strict about the posting of Warez, Cracks and Hacks to any video game. No places that supply these things may be...
  3. Lord Killmore

    Sound editing

    Sound editing (where to find editors) I need some help! (maybe this belongs in the help topic...) I want to make some sounds so i tried it with the nero wave editor but the sound don´t work :cry: What kind of programm do i need and how can i make sounds ????(a lot of requests at a time :p )
  4. V

    TRunks and other models movement.

    Alright first of .remeber the trunks vs. freeza saga when trunks transformed ...i think that transform was the best in the intire dbz saga when trunks started screaming and his hear started to rise the current rubbish with him crying and all that sh** is bull.they need someting better...
  5. S

    Modelling Program Features

    Modelling Program Features gmax poly modelling tools = yes box modelling tools = yes particle systems = no rendering system = no biped animation = no (impretty sure as Character studio costs $$) bone animation = yes IK system animation = no (a charatcer studio thing) good...
  6. Ryoko

    N00b with some drawings

    I cooked these up recently, can I have opinions?
  7. S

    Where i find ....

    Where can I downloadind 3d max studio ??????
  8. V

    Warez, cracks and hacks

    ANYONE who asks for any form of warez, crack or hack of ANY KIND will be banned from the forums, and possibly get their submask hard-coded into ESF as a BAN. In other words, you'd NEVER be able to play ESF again. Allowing ppl to ask for/exchange warez in our forums makes ALL of us reliable...
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