1. G

    I would like 2 try and make a new model... plz help coz i know nothing about it...

    give me instructions on which programms, a few details about them... generally whatever u do to make a new model. thanx...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Sphere Theory

    I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but forgot about it and it finally came back: I thought, "Hmm what about building a sphere in the same way an igloo is build, rectangular blocks" It might be tedious work but if done right it could result in a VERY smooth looking sphere.
  3. S

    ssj krillin

    can someone make a ssj krillin for me? if you make one dont take too long please
  4. Effigy

    Request of SSJ proportions

    Umm.... I suppose this is where ure meant to put in your OWN models, but this is a request... does ne1 have a ssj brolli model? cause i really want one... plz thnx neway