1. SSJ Toast

    pickled covered cheeseburgers?

    ive been asked to skinned dendza's piccolo, spent a bit on it, wip still, the pink will come soon
  2. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Want Adv. Melee to be Harder? I got you covered...

    A while back deep in some thread, Pain made a suggestion that the sprites for the melee arrows be changed so that they ALL look like random arrows with the appropriate directions lit up. Thus, they all look similar and it makes them harder to keep track of. My random arrows have also been...
  3. Froggo

    Shino! :D (from Naruto?)

    Heres some kind of odd Tribute to my favourite Naruto character Shino :D, If you have seen hime in the preliminary matches you know the idea about this thing
  4. C

    Lag problems (not covered in stickies)

    Before someone decides to hit me with a cold mallet and point at the sticky threads, and recent ones about this issue, I'll outline my problem- its certainly not an FPS issue. I'm running on a 56k from New Zealand, which is a bad footing in the first place considering theres no servers from...
  5. D

    More ssj levels

    I was hoping the mod could make more ssj levels like goku going to ssj 3 or 4 and freeza going to his final form also that gohan could go to ssj2 as well... Also some more models of like gotenks goten etc would be cool... but please more ssj levels!! That would be great... Most mods for dbz...
  6. E

    first bryce work

    I started to learn bryce a bit... here is my first work:
  7. T

    very nice scooter racing yahama aerox ( kinda wallpaper )

    hey i made a kinda wallpaper of a scooter: yahama aerox racing it has very muts detail and very muts work it has about 82 layers edited in photoshop tell me what u think plz thx.
  8. G

    SSJ4 Goku, skin fix

    For all of you all that didnt like DaKD's ssj4 goku skin (including me), I have fixed the skin and made it look 100% better I think, it could still use some work but I think its a big improvement over the old one lol. I take no credit for any of the skin I just edited it.
  9. F


    what do you think?
  10. E

    New Models!...

    K i havent been showing work lately as ive been changing the style of my models alot lately, i ended up creating a new Base model with T positioned arms, so far they havent given me any problems :) Goku - 1671 Polys Goku - 1700 Polys Krillin - 1581 Vegeta - 1502 Tien -...
  11. P

    Rei Wallpaper

    pretty basic, but i think it works, what do u lot think? no poll, i want crists from ppl, not just @its [email protected] or @[email protected] plz ^_^
  12. H

    esf skinners/modelers READ

    i think that the ssj goku in the gallery need something that u forgot. he needs ears. he has none. he looks stupid without them but everything else is ok. ps for that matter the normal goku needs ears lol