1. Mkilbride

    Erectin' a New Rig for my cousin - It's his money, not mine, he wanted to spend 1500$, get decent quality parts, and have enough room for expansion if he needed it. We're going to RAID-0 the two Samsungs which will outperform a normal 1TB...
  2. S

    Ripping Cousin

    srty about all the cunfusion about majin_buu he is my cunsin he was staying here with my granmaw while i was away in Florida i used that head to make it better it wan't a rip and wan't sopost to be posted and the Vegetrunks wan a fan model that some 1 wanted
  3. G

    yay! my cousin is getting married

  4. A

    New Baby Cousin

    plz dont flame i had to get this off my chest... but my uncle recently he had a little girl born today.. i just had to get it off my chest cause it was pretty much my first blood cousin and im REALLY excited.. well dont flame me lol:D *edit* oh wow thanx <<note of sarcasm..:S
  5. SSj_Gotenks95

    Post Your Models Here

    Hello u guyz probubly aint heard of me I am relly 1 of Ssj_Gotenks95 cuzs and I would like if you people here on the fourm would post the names of your models finished or W.I.P Thanks Peace out!
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