1. Super Veggeto

    is there a realesed capsule corp map?

    the search isnt helping...
  2. D


    I START TO MAKE A CAPSULA CORP AND WHEN ME DO A DOOR U COULDNT GO OUT! SEE THE TROUBLE. give me solutions, plz!here the zip if anyone could give me what u like in the map and some ideas to do better like types of textures or shape for the capsule.
  3. E

    Capsule Corp Trunks Model!

    Hey guys, Jboskma will be skinning him :) Trunks: 2076 Polys Sword Belt: 222 Polys Sword: 208 Polys Sword Case: 14 Polys the sword and belt are optional another coloured render: personally, i suck at posing model, but i thougth id give it a try, so heres my pose up of...
  4. DragonDude

    Need Map Ideas, Your Suggestions = Credit 4 U :D

    I think you can probably tell what I need from the name of the thread. Basically, I'm making a map for ESF of the surface of our good ol' Moon. (Yes, the Moon, the thing that was blown up once in DragonBall and once again in DragonBall Z. :D) But when I sat down to really think about the map, I...
  5. B

    Ape_city pics

    Well I so far im not fully done with the ape_ocean but I wanted to get done with the city. Here is some pics of the current map im working on.
  6. Macro-Gamer

    NEW SIG, for a friend- KEEP TO TOPIC!

    DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC! THIS ONLY ABOUT MY SIG! THIS THREAD WAS CLOSED ONCE BEFORE, SO KEEP ON TOPIC! I made this sig for me friend dakilla. Copy and paste link otherwise it wont work: Tell me wat you think.
  7. B

    trunk, capsule corp jacket, short hair

    i´m making the model of trunk with capsule corp jacket and short hair. i´m waitin to the next version of esf because in this version you can use the sword