1. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 prices announced; entirely digital, no physical copies besides CE. Prices. Normal Edition: 49.99$ Digital Deluxe Edition: 69.99$ Collectors Edition: 149.99$ (Yeah...I know...) So, Digital Deluxe for me, includes all the bonuses. I was going to buy the CE, as I love GW, but 150$ is far to much for the extras you get. 3x the...
  2. Renyori

    Naruto copies HunterXhunter?

    I watched HunterXhunter a few months ago and i couldn't help but notice how similar they were: - Kurapika who comes from the Kuruta clan, however he is the last survivor because his clan was massacred. He lives for revenge even if it would cost him his own life. The Kurta clan has a special...
  3. elNarr

    Bill Gates claims Vista has sold over 100 million copies of Vista..

    If vista has sold over 100 million copies all around the world, how come i see so few of Vista users? Vista has been called as the flop of 2007 , and i agree. Ok, there are a lot of Vista users : Granted. But saying that has sold and have more than 100 million users : fail. Discuss. oh and...
  4. S

    How do i open a current esf map in the map editor?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open an esf map with hammer editor?
  5. ]\/[ITCHELL


    can someone please tell me how to make pics of a model.I have HL Model Viewer but i cant make pics;( ;(
  6. Emeka650

    How how

    I used to use jasc paintshop pro but now i use adobe photoshop you. But how do you the image on your sig.I go to file browser and open my pic but it doesnt go on my sig what do i do plzz help:cry:
  7. Guru_San

    Anyone wanna colour this???

    Hey All, let me first off say, Nice work with these Kuyuaga, You have skillz right there. May i also say that Niatu is my chara and Akira is Kuyuaga's could someone (ryoko, hehe) Colour these for me? Id like to see what they are like, Just a question. Thats Niatu Kick @s$ Akira by...