1. veqeta

    Free Video Converter?

    are there any good video converters around that are free? would there be some in the free software sticky? thanks.
  2. Volosity

    ... gmax sucks..... need help woth converter

    do you know of a exporter that alowws me to export .3ds for gmax so i can get them into max? i am going a DBAF model and my other models i want to get to max like my Bojack Gohan plz help i wanna render my gona :D and to the mods i am gona post a pic when i can render it :P
  3. imkongkong

    wma, mp3, wav, etc converter

    what's the best file converter program for wma, mp3, mp4, wav files? if i have a wma and want to convert it to mp3 format, and vice versa
  4. Ravendust

    .ogg to .avi Converter

    I've searched on Google but the two programs i've got are utter crap. One makes the video and audio all stuttery and the other gives me an error and crashes for no reason. If anyone's got a program in mind that can turn an .ogg into an .avi that they've used and tested and know works well...
  5. JDeezNutz

    Audio converter help.,.,.,.

    ok well i have eJay 360 xtreme soundtraxx but you can only save your progress in .MIX instead of .MP3, so does anyone know/where i can get a udio converter which changes .MIX file to .MP3 file? thanks in advance
  6. W


    euh guys i think i need a converter for my maps cause they are .map and i need .bsp so i can't check my levels out now does someone know a converter from .map to .bsp????
  7. Yui Sakura

    MP3 to WAV converter?

    Does anyone know any good ones, that dont leave the file size about 10000000mb?
  8. MrMasj


    I need to know how to record ingame things into a avi file can i use the in build recording program in Hl or does i need some thing else i whant to make a avi move from a mod please help me !
  9. N

    *.mdl --> *.ms3d converter

    Does anybody of you know where I can find a *.mdl to *.ms3d converter?