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    Arthas my dear, though i spend my days in conversation... please

    If you don't get the title, you suck. Anyhow, I quit wow 2 months back, but I've had problems controlling my urges, so I decided a way I could settle them and get back into modeling would to be design my own Paladin tier, and model it. So I came up with some concepts, finalised one, did a...
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    jin [a trunks reskin]

    here i have a skin of my jin character that stars in my dbhd (dragonball hyper dimension) series... by the way it comes out July 20th. so check it out *credits to Th3Pr0fessional who made the trunks model* well watchya think *crits*
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    Well i am board so i went to the msn chat rooms at becuz my g/f was away i guesse it was time 2 have fun ;) so i went in and this person msges me like asl all girl like wanting 2 be my g/f and i know them sorta from skool lol what are the chances! so i tell them all the info about them...