1. P

    Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

    Is ESF compatible or functional with the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows? Or are you guys planning on making ESF compatible in the future? Thanks for your reply guys!
  2. Barney's_Soul

    Madcatz Xbox 360 controller buttons mapped wrong

    I recently purchased a Madcatz Xbox 360 wired controller for use on my PC, downloaded the Microsoft Xbox360 controller drivers, and am using it right now. It is displayed properly everywhere, but the buttons are mapped wrong in games. My A button is recognized as X, my start button is recognized...
  3. Kaination

    N64 controller repurposed.

    Not sure if this kinda thing is allowed, sorry if it isn't, but I thought it was awesome how he would think of it. +10 creative points.
  4. M

    Rumbling/Touch Sense SIXAXIS Controller

    It seems that Sony is working on adding the rumble feature into the SIXAXIS controller for the Playstation 3: Source:
  5. Ravendust

    [PS3] New Controller

    Source This sounds awesome. I wonder if it'll be for specialised games (ala EyeToy) or if it'll have practical use in other games (SIXAXIS)?
  6. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Interesting news about the PS3 controller capabilities...

    I was reading up on some recent PS3 info and found out that the controller has actually been retooled to give PS3 users the best of both worlds. It comes with a rechargeable pack and cable that can be hooked up to the machine and charged, similar to the Xbox360's battery pack, except it's free...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Nintendo sued for stealing controller technology.

    Anascape sues Microsoft, Nintendo Texas-based firm alleges that console manufacturers have infringed on a dozen patents granted between 1999 and 2005. By Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot Posted Aug 4, 2006 1:33 am GMT Sony has already lost a lawsuit regarding patent infringement in its DualShock...
  8. Suh Dude

    PS3 Controller Redesign!

    New, PS3 Controller Redesign. Has motion sensors, and has a built-in vibrations! :shocked: Get yours now for only twice the cost of a Wii-Controller! I got bored. =/ Compatible with all Sony products only.
  9. sub

    Revolution Controller... Like or Dislike?

    Like the title says, do you like the Nintendo Revolution Controller or not?
  10. Ravendust

    Sony throws the PS3 controller design...

    ...hopefully it won't come back. Sony have scrapped the PS3 controller design; And are currently in the process of redesigning something new. I put this down to bad public feedback ("it r a boomerang olol") and Nintendo's motion-tracking wand of sexiness. No details on the new design yet...
  11. J

    Using an xbox controller

    I was wondering if you could use an xbox controller with ESF. I have set some keys and the left analog stick works for movement. The left trigger, main X Y A B buttons, white button, black button, analog 1 click , analog2 click, and D pad work. What I can't configure is to get the 2nd analog...
  12. Hash

    Twilight Princess to use Revolution controller Rumors have been flying around for a while now about whether or not Twilight Princess would take advantage of the Rev's ability to play gamecube games, and incorporate the Rev controller into it's design, and now its been confirmed! I...
  13. W

    Controller support?

    I have a Logitech Gamepad, and I was wondering if there is anyway I can use this with ESF?
  14. Mr. Satans

    PS3 Controller

    I am tired of everyone hating on the PS3 controller! I have a controller almost exactly like it for the PS1 and it is the most comfortable controller I have ever used! My fingers don't hurt even after button mashing and the D-Pad moves so easily and smoothly, no cramping. I saw the...
  15. Promiscuous Girl

    Nintendo's Revolutionary Controller!!!...thats all i can say right now is!!!....nothing more i guess, im just really suprised here. Read here for more information.
  16. Killface

    Computer game controller

    I want a controller to play all of my games on my computer with that is like the xbox controller, but all I can find are controllers that are like the PS2 controllers. Can anyone help me out, because playing Halo and my roms suck with the keyboard and mouse.
  17. K

    I knew the PS3 Controller looked familiar

    Upon browsing through an old issue of EGM (i think it was April 98) i came across an ad for a new control pad for the Playstation. Turns out this pad was quite popular and often considered by many to be superior to the original controller -...
  18. Nuttzy

    best playstation 2 controller?

    im not gonna bother putting up a poll cuz theres too many to list, i purchased a gamestop brand controller that was near perfect, but over the years the rubber grip and the plastic part it was attached to began to crack, so as a replacemnt i purchased the mad catz wireless one, it has to...
  19. B

    Need help setting up a controller

    First off can you set up a controller onto esf?
  20. I

    Controller Help

    I got a new controller for my computer. It's a Logitech: Duel Action Gamepad (dual analog controler). The stupid thing is you have to use it's profiler to assign keys to it. I've been able to use the analog on alot of games, like Doom, but when i try Half-Life i have no clue how i'd make it...
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