1. Batman Eternal

    Contribute to ESF

    I saw that you guys are letting others help you with your progress of ESF.Now I'm no good when it comes to modding or developing a game.But I couldn't help but notice that you've done a really great job with the melee combat system.I certainly like it.From what I've seen,the tiers are special...
  2. G

    I would like to know to test myself if I can contribute more

    Hi, The other day I decided to say hello to all on different places so I decided to give it a try and leave my confort zone and begin to listen like when I was younger so from now on I will be around for a while and I will try to do my best to give the best of me... so come on! let's all...
  3. CyroTek

    bebi vegeta

    ok, that wasn´t the way it should go, it was my mistake i forgot to send the readme, and after i send it the person who uploaded it wasn´t online so he couldn´t change it, i uploaded it now on a my clan site, with the credits in the pack, so if they are wrong tell me, i´m not perfect so...
  4. S

    Contribute to the Cause!!!!

    I recently got back from my trip to ohio and made a little cash delivering mail. I would like to contribute $10 to $20 but soon realized i did not know where to go or even whom to send it to pls help by either posting or private message or e-mail me at [email protected]