1. Damaera

    FX Editor Continued, Status Update

    FX Editor Continued, Status Update <strong>XML FX Editor Continued</strong></div><div>So, you remember the FX Editor that I mentioned last week, right? How you can add particle effects, sounds, animations, and create your own dream transformation? Not only are you able to add all of those nifty...
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    Sway (continued wip)

    this is the finished product. i have a hard time with skin tones so i made the skin tones grey in illustrator and just threw a color layer over it but it turned out nice. tell me what ya think
  3. J

    Goku Continued...

    The last topic was closed due to a flame fight, I DO hope this will turn out much better. Lets continue where we left off: Goku Normal: SSJ Goku W.I.P: There. And NeD, if you are reading this, I wouldnt mind if you made a drawover for me. I didn't mean to come off as bad...
  4. X


    I was just wondering why it isn't in beta 1.1. Isn't it supposed to be an official map?
  5. E

    Grande Kia Map *continued*

    No spam! No going offtopic! I want to ONLY see posts about MAPPING! Thread continued....
  6. T

    Netcode Continued

    i first posted about this subject here --> First to quote what i got back from this i did hack the dlls and i did give a look over the RATE cfg's (rate1,2,3) wich i found the best for cs and i came up with a version of rate that best suits the esf netcode the config is here: cl_cmdbackup 0...
  7. O

    ESF,... to be continued????

    Hello everybody, if got a little question. Esf Beta is the best DBZ-Mod i´ve ever played. But i think there are not enough characters. So, my question: Are you gonna continue earth special forces? I think if you continue esf, many fans will be more happier. But if you not continue, the...
  8. R

    Best Damn Anime Show Continued!

    Man i just saw some new episodes of 3x3 Eyes and it was great but man ghost in the shell kicks ASS. The Cowboy Bebop Marathons kick ass i just watched it last night,but i still love DBZ and Yu Yu hakasho, Cowboy Bebop kicks ass though!
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