1. Skyrider

    Request: A good Contact Form Script (PHP)

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good PHP Contact Form script out there.. Either by manual file edits or a software that makes the looks / needed edits for you. So far, I found two of them right here: - - And another one I totally forgot, heh. The problem...
  2. C

    could not contact game server to retrieve server list error.

    Hi I downloaded earth speical forces today and when I try to refresh to find servers online I get the error could not contact game master to retrieve server list. I have half life 1 on my computer if it requires that I don't know much about putting mods on and stuff like that so could someone...
  3. Skyrider

    Contact Info DS Game

    I'm looking for a DS (Not DSI) game that gives the user the option to add profiles for people containing their information such as names, street address, phone number, and that kind of stuff. Anyone knows something like that exists for the DS? If so, can you forward me it to a site that has more...
  4. W

    My I C Q client Not Have contact list

    Greeting Today turn PC and look that my I C Q client don't have contact list, It is very bad. :( When I login always received message from contact ONE with Info ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1: ============================= System Message ============================= ICQ version 5.1...
  5. Zeonix

    Previously Undiscovered Heathens Make Contact

    We must find them and convert them all before it's too late! We must purify their minds' and cleanse their souls'! May the power of Christ compel them! So yeah. A small Indian tribe located in Brazil made contact with another known Indian tribe for an unknown reason. We had no knowledge of them...
  6. F

    Contact Lenses mmm I was thinking of getting the blind eye, but you don't have vision with it, so then I was thinking maybe the Itachi ones :x What would you guys get?
  7. SS4 Gogeta

    SETI Makes Alien Contact?

    I heard about this on the radio program, Coast to Coast AM, last night thought id let you know and get some thoughts. SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence for those of you dont know :)
  8. H

    I need to contact the developers

    i have send an email to the adress of readme but i they don't reply me, so i understand that they have to many mails and they don't read it. I copy it here, if somebody here knows the developers of the game please contact me by PM. if you don't understand what i am talking about this is the...
  9. U

    April 30th! Contact Coke Day!!!!

    Today is contact coke day!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all SURGE lovers around the forums today is contact coke day! Today is the day we stand up and get our SURGE back on the market! Goto and send them an email demanding the re-entry of the almighty...
  10. K

    Who should i contact for a custom signature??

    i want to get a signature that has SSJ4 Vegeta and SSJ4 Goku models in the fusion dance position when they are pointing their fingers at eachother bent over to the side at the waist...and i want them to be seperated by a SSJ4 Gogeta model with a glowing aura around him, and below Gogeta i want...
  11. D

    how do i contact Hsu

    How do i cantact Hsu like whats his PM
  12. warboy

    brolly sounds??

    hey i need brolly sounds for my brolly can someone get me some?
  13. Eider

    VGUI-pack 2

    I dont now where to post this, but its related to models so here we go: (A mod should move this if this is in wrong sector) I DID NOT MAKE THESE MODELS now that that is clear, i want to state that I put some efford in this pack ( I once made one, u may remember). This pack contains VGUI...
  14. D


    Does any one know how to get into the under ground room
  15. U

    whats the problem now

    ;( why is down again i hate when that happeneds
  16. Jimesu_Evil

    GT Vegeta (with a jacket)

    I made this edit a while back and with all the new GT Vegetas with just his red singlet, I thought it might be time to release this one. Take a look: I need permission from Xtortionist, Turk and AzN before I release it. Credits go to: -Turk (Harsens) for Vegeta model -Xtortionist...
  17. Z

    Vegeta .. Host ?

    Uhm, I'd like to get this hosted :/ . I'm gonna release it .. (Crits not welcome, I won't redo anything) The boots are from the originall one (I'm to lazy) and MR_Smo is the one that edited my head and did the upper back part. Thank u smo :) .. That's it .. I'd like someone to host it...
  18. Skyrider

    Redsaiyan add files..... Do it now.

    ok.. due my vacation. and due that spin is never online.. well.. maybe he is on vacation.... anyway. i am going away for 1 week.. so if you want to upload a file to rs. plz. contact me RIGHT away. cuz i am going away VERY soon! less then 6 hours (+ sleeping ) soo... just PM or email me.. check...
  19. S

    I made a nice new map, was wondering something

    I made a nice map that is sortof similar to the arena in the martial arts series of DBZ, and i want to know how to send it to the leader of the ESF team, mabye if he likes i could get it added in the next version, or mabye even get on there team as a mapper? :) Any info on how to send is...
  20. DBZFever

    Modellers needed for RPG!

    There is a new Dragonball Z RPG HL Modifcation in progress. We have mappers, skinners, animators, texture artists, 2d artists, but we need modellers! The Website is and the name is being changed to Dragonball Z Adventure. If anyone is willing to model for us, please...