1. A

    Speed up melee con't (Hibiki you need to take a look at this)

    This thread is in reference to this thread. I am not quite sure what cvars are. I know it either stands for client variable or some people say server variable. There are two problems with this. Firstly, if it is a client variable, I can...
  2. E

    Why are u guys makeing skins when we con't get em

    if u wanna make skins 2 show off eg: hear i have just made a new gohan skill hear it is and it look kool but we cont get it so Plz make links so we can download em. thank u
  3. P

    Animation Questions Cont.

    Okay, now that I know the basics of animating from that sweet @$$ thread that was stickified, how do I port an animation from a .smd into 3dsmax for editing?
  4. E

    New Layout IP

    This is a new design in progress. Needs a lot to be done But Im not solid what is the way to go. Any help is appreciated.
  5. fatmanterror


    can somebody please tell me where i can find a crack for milkshape? i cant find any and i cant buy it