1. Skyrider

    ESF - 300k Downloads! Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Earth's Special Forces. On, Earth's Special Forces has been in Top 20 most downloads every week (Almost #1 every week) for over 8 months, and now has over 300.000 downloads!!
  2. Skyrider

    Congratulations to Earth Special Forces

    Thats right. I'm congratulating ESF & everyone in the team, and for those who have helped. On, ESF v1.2.3 has been in the top #3 most downloaded files for almost 5 months now (ESF was almost #2 or #1 every week), and also has almost reached 200.000 downloads. (195.363 downloads so...
  3. Prozac

    Congratulations deverz!

    Deverz is a daddy! atleast according to his msn name congratulations dude hope everything went perfect ( ripped from his post that was posted a few second before this thread :| )
  4. KilledWithStyle

    Congratulations Class of 2005

    Well contratulations Class of 2005. We made it. Four long years of hard work pays off to this day. (it depends on when you graduate, I graduated today) I would want you guys to post what your going to do after you guys graduate. Me, I am going to Texas Tech and going to Major in CS/EE.
  5. B

    Congratulations harSens!

    12 months exactly since your last Dev journal post! ;) Congrats
  6. CM


    If you can read this, my HP iPaq 4055 Pocket PC is successfully connected to the internet! I bought it today. Any useful and free apps i can download? :]
  7. Y

    Congratulations Darktooth!

    Finally an esf developer has completed his job, that mean we are getting closer to the release :yes: , anyway, thx for keeping the dev journal updated regulary and for... just... working. u know ... U ROCK :laff:
  8. N

    Congratulations on another... successful? Release

    Though I haven't tested beta 1.1 myself yet, I just wanted to say congrates... yeah thats right am not complaining..... no really! am not! :p anyway looks like esf is going to be one of the (very very very few) dbz or anime based mods to complete most if not all of what they had in mind. :yes:
  9. E


    I have just played this game at an internet cafe with a freind and as me and him being DBZ fans i was very impressed. It is so fun we were etertained for hours. Im going to download it for my computer but I would like to know if I have to have CS because i dont have that but i have half life...
  10. Fixxxer

    congratulations on a job well done

    especially with buu, i love how you can select cookie, donut, or chocolate :) ! thing tho, no music works when i open up the mp3 thing and if i can get it to work can i put my own music in it?
  11. Hitokiri


    You have succeeded where many have failed! You have made a good DBZ game, a damn good one at that, and you're still in beta stages. I believe with all my heart that this is the greatest DBZ game ever created, on any platform, ever, and shall remain so for a long time. I always knew the fans...
  12. F


    I'm new here and i just want to say: Congratulations guys, you are about to made a perfect DB-Mod.I'm playing the alpha and it's great, i can't imagine what the final release will look like...i hope you guys hurry, i can't wait...
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