1. Deathshot

    How to Confuse an Idiot. Its great fun. OR IS IT?! People commit suicide because they now think they are idiots. But seriously.. Apparently a Kid in my community killed himself because he thought he had become a complete idiot because everytime he tried to get this to play it...
  2. X

    Everything About Mapping

    Introduction Hey just thought I would help get rid of all those stickies! This is all the stickies put together plus my own added stuff (some info here and there making it better). I hope this helps and I would like to thank all the people that started stickies and Stryker for making them...
  3. M

    About gohan

    If u are gohan and u have a full cf u can go ssj but if u are ssj or cf is lower and if u fight u can get it back up is this to go ssj2 or what?? i'm a little confused
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