1. C

    Red Hat linux server configuring probs..

    ok i need some sort of tutorial or someone who can help me instal and configure Steam HLDs then install and configure ESF ded 1.2...this is why i need someone to help me with clan is getting a server for free because of a deal we have with a company..but the thing is they arent...
  2. M

    Help configuring a NYKO AirFlo PC controller for ESF!!!

    I have a controller for my PC and it is like a replica of the PS2 controller with all the same buttons in the same positions. I have configured it to do everything, but I need help setting up the analog sticks to move the character and the crosshairs. Basically getting left stick to move...
  3. M

    I need help using, installing and configuring hlamp for ESF!

    YUP , the title says it all spill it all out ! :cool: :yes:
  4. DJ-Ready

    Tutorial: Configuring Hammer + Basics of mapping

    hey hey, ive just finished a small tutorial to show you n00bs the basics of mapping ^^ maybe that helps ya a lil bit solong DJ-Ready