1. Baltzatu

    ESF Dedicated Server Configuration

    Hello, ESForces community! I just bought a Half Life 1 dedicated server from XtrHosting (a Romanian host, as I am from Romania) on Linux. I want to know, how can I install Earth's Special Forces 1.2.3 (I suppose the Linux version from here) through FTP (Filezilla) to make the server be an ESF...
  2. B

    Keyboard configuration

    First of all hello everyone. I'm new here My brother came to my house one day and gave me esf. He isntalled ESF 1.2.3 or something then rc2 and then something called big pack 8.4 But i have one problem i go to the game and the keyboard cofugration is all messed up. There isn't any button to...
  3. VideoJinx

    The Perfect Esf Configuration

    This configuration is for ESF 1.3. It not only changes the view but other things that help the user.. Not only does this config have the Normal Default(view and controls) but it has a 2ndary Default(the new view and controls) Here is a demo of me using the Secondary Default. Notice how...
  4. Amayirot Akago

    Post your Windows sound configuration!

    After all the usual desktop and photo threads, I thought it was time for something new. So, here is the "Post your Windows sound configuration!" thread. Post which events you have a sound attached to, as well as a short description of the sound. (Note: I'm using a Dutch version of Windows, so...
  5. GalduR

    Control Configuration

    :) Hi guyz! I just began playing a couple of days ago, and this is THE DBZ game!! Im trying to be the best warrior, but there is so much elite out there.. :laff: I have read all the help stuff in the forums and in the web, but i haven't seen anywhere about custom control configurations. I...
  6. G

    How can i modify players configuration ?

    Hi, I just installed ESF in my lan house and I wanted to modified the players configration : life, attaks, experience required to evolve ect.... In wath field shoud I go to modified it ? Plz anwser me.
  7. Yazuken

    Adding sensu beans

    How do you add sensu beans to ur esf maps?
  8. K

    Key configuration problem and Bot instalation problem

    Hi folks! I just downloaded Beta 1.1 and the bots but I have some problems. I uninstalled Beta 1.0 and deleted the remaining ESF folder before installing. After instalation everything is well except that I can't configure the keypad keys. I used to have KEYP_1 for jump but now I have...
  9. Jonesdaniel

    cant get into configuration

    Well, i open esf, click multiplayer and configuration, and the words go off the screen really slow, and then crashes back onto desktop. Any able to help me resolve the error?
  10. D

    configuration problem!

    for some reason....when i want to change the controls...i change them, and then when i enter a didnt save them and it uses the default ones instead, ive tried everything....!! any one else have this problem??
  11. LaMM

    ESF Configurations???

    I'm new to mapping but i already made a few maps but just for half-life. I wanted to create them for ESF but I have got no idea on how to configure Worldcraft or Hammer. Could someone help me on how to configure Valve (and I'd prefer some screenies of your configuration plz!!) Thnx for your...
  12. B

    Help!!!! Please Help Me!

    Guys i need to know how to use the fonts of this website it says u can D/L em but i dont know where to place em in on my computer to get them to work :cry: Can 1 of you ESF guru's please tell me please thanks guys i wub you all :rolleyes:
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