1. J-Dude

    Added New RAM; Occasionally getting BSOD: Should I be concerned...?

    Decided to upgrade my computer a few days ago and bought a gigabyte stick of RAM from Newegg. I previously had two sticks of 512 RAM (1GB) that was PC 3200, 184 pin DDR RAM. That's EXACTLY the type that I bought. I researched and made sure before doing anything stupid. Well, I got it...
  2. Deverz

    Sig Makers Read

    Ok as far as I'm concerned and a few other people, Sigs are NOT Artwork so they don't belong in the artwork section. Alot of you probally wouldnt remember but this section used to be full of sigs until people started complaining so now sigs aren't a valid part of the artwork section. Take it...
  3. Cheeseman

    Ginyu? Nappa?

    call me old Fashioned, but i reckon we need a Nappa skin and model at the very least. The d00d was st00pid, but jeez he was awesome also. While on the topic of a wish list... How bout Ginyu, Jeice, and a decent Raditz? just thinkin out loud folks.. comment if ya want... or not :devsmile: