1. Viper

    Team COCO prepares for the new Conan show

    Conan O'Brien's new show preparation on live stream. It's friggin awesome!! That's how you prepare for a successful show these days!! Also, it seems to be an actual live stream, not a recording.
  2. Synth

    Conan O'Brien RETURNETH! He teams up with George Lopez, it seems.
  3. M

    Conan O'Brien Dubs Anime Heh, I thought this was amusing.
  4. The Deco

    Jimmy Fallon vs Conan O'brien - The ultimate showdown

    JIMMY FALLON IS GAY!!! Kidding, still I think he is not such a good host, and comparing him to Conan O'brien he is NOTHING. That is there best replacement to CONAN??? Conan is the funniest thing(yes a thing) I saw in my life. Jimmy Fallon never made me laugh in Saturday Night Live(on...
  5. -Origin

    Age of Conan

    Who's playing and on what server? I play a Tempest of Set and a Demonologist on Fury (PvP) Server. Fun game, still a bit bugged but it's been out for 2 weeks, so. :P
  6. SailorAlea

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

    Has anybody picked this up yet? I bought it tonight; installing it now. Great to finally see an M-rated MMO with blood/some nudity/etc. Not that that's all that matters--but I want a more mature themed game. Tired of the "PG-13" fantasy that has incorporated itself into nearly every mainstream...
  7. M


    Wow, this game has come a long way, and i am amazed at how much they are paying attention to detail be it graphics,gameplay,combat and AI can't wait to get my hands on it =P.
  8. Enix

    Conan Edogawa [finishing]

    I posted my conan model here awhile ago but never finished it, well I restarted it and im working to finish it up. Only thing left to skin is teh shoes. Heres what I have so far: [btw, the hand skin is temporary, dont mind there uglyness]
  9. Enix

    Conan Edugawa

    Hehe, pimpin up another anime model :p. [waits for gir to stab me] Anyway, its at around 850 polys, im aiming for under 1800 so i have plenty of room to expand. Major credits to Davidskiwan for the refs, i owe ya big time buddy ^_^. Well its still a WIP but take a look anyway.
  10. Alteh

    Conan O'brian or J Leno

    yesss...Two late night hosts. I like conan better, he seems to be more funny and Leno kinda bores me.