1. Nemix

    Will the ESF Comunity Help me get my HL1 back?

    ok i don't know if i posted something similar on this forum... but well i can try it out The Stroy Begins in 2003: my dad decided to make his own internet cafe... everything went good he rented a place... bought some pc's and large tables^^ and some (2003) games like: Red Alert NFS...
  2. Grega

    ESF-world comunity event

    OK this time im speaking as part of the ESF-world staff. Today we started a special event. The event is for all of you who want to play ESF 1.1 again after a long time and for all those that just want to see how ESF looked before the current version. We have a ESF 1.1 server up and runing...
  3. LionHeart

    ESF video comunity (You Tube) This is the you tube group dedicated to esf and dbz you might wanna check it out ;)