1. VeGeTTo


    Big compliments to this Modelpack is this downlodable ???(:D when i looked at Buu and Gohan thaught that was 1.3 :) ) gotta hav it before 1.3 releasez
  2. Jeroen2205


    Hi there, i would like to give you my compliments for creating this game, i need to say that this game is going to be the best ever, i have an other dragonball z mod for quake 3: bid for power, the graphics of that mod are better (not much) but the gameplay isn't good, it is just fight, this is...
  3. E

    Post your compliments

    To the ESF Team congratulations on the mod!! your hard work ad dedication does not go unnoticed :) Its gonna be GREAT!!! :shocked: :p