1. -=Real_Dog=-


    Hi just a general compliment to the ESF team, i think the mod is great, and i can't wait until 1.2beta, sepecially looking foward to the adv. melee, i will donate some money toward this forum once i get my dads credit card and once i work out paypal (since i havent used it before), i'd do...


    Hey, i ms earching for new models for esf but i can't find a descent site. Can somebody give me one? Tnx Cya
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    cut and paste tutorial

    how to make something very simple look nice. step 1 open photoshop and set your canvas to 1024 x 768 step2 make the background a color that doesnt hurt the eyes step 3 cut out an image of your choice that is somewhat high quality and colors compliment the bg color step 4 get some...
  4. LaMM

    My New Website

    I've made a new website on which I show all of the work I do and have done!!I'm not quite as good in anything as I want to be but I'm getting better!!!Look at the last ones with everything. Anyhow look at my site it has backgrounds, sigs, maps, programs and more! This is it's url...
  5. S

    New Sig! (woot)

    me gots a new sig... and btw I DID make the skin for both the sig and avatar :o
  6. P

    Judge... got a job for ya!

    As u can see my PS skills r lacking, so i was wondering could u make me a sig, but make the sig like, have this on it -[TsS]-Piccolo-GNL- then buttons on the bottom Mail, AIM, ICQ(like the lower right im thinking) andorid 16 was suppose to cuz i made him smc forums,