1. B

    Cant see my model when flying, and im completely stumped.

    Cant see my model when flying, i can see it when i dash while flying though. i can also see it while on the ground, and im completely stumped. I have no idea why this would happen, my friend said that it might have something to do with the Dark Pack? idk what that is. anyways, any idea...
  2. M

    Completely Removing GameGuard

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to completely remove GameGuard? I just uninstalled a game that required for it to be installed, but I read at a number of sites that GameGuard doesn't completely uninstall, and leaves a number of files on my computer.
  3. Pieter Paul Rubens

    And now for something completely different..

    Never seen photography posted here, so I'll just start one :o Taken with a Canon EOS 350D with a 55mm lense, at 1/80 Shutterspeed and 5.1 Diafragma. Location is an old factory in Ghent (Belgium) called Artifex. PS: the guy in the pics...
  4. VideoJinx

    Completely New Melee System

    How this works. First of all you'll need Mouse1 Melee to become a basic melee.. How it works.. you hold Mouse1 and fly into someone. Right as you land the hit time slows down and the hitting animations completets. When it's done both players are engaged into a NEW melee system where time...
  5. O

    How Do You COMPLETELY Remove ESF?

    i was just wondering cause i have so much crap on mine and everything is starting to really get screwed up so i was wondering how i can completely remove it so when i re-inistall, everything will be back to normal. Any help?
  6. Hash

    Nintendo Completely Unveils Revolution Info To All..........

    ..........At there pre E3 press event next may. (Mwaha, tricked you didn't I?) Anyways, it seems we're gonna have to wait till the next E3 to get all the rev info. Not surprising, I was expecting it to be around then anyways, i'm just glad we have an official date now. Oh ya, the link...
  7. Mccdbz5

    Completely lost ESF

    Ok, last night, my whole entire ESF had gotten deleted, along with Steam, now i'm trying to figure out what my options are on how to get it back. Do I have to re-download ESF? And also, I also need some steps on installing it if I re-download, cause it has been so long since I've done it, so I...
  8. N

    Screen goes completely wild during melee.

    Ok, please help me out here. I d'loaded esf 5 days ago and I loved it straight away. But... I haven't been able to do one good melee fight. Here's what happens: When someone charges me, the prepunch sequence beginns. I can hear this, but I can't see it, because the screen goes completely...
  9. CM

    My old trunks skin, COMPLETELY REDONE!

    Remember when i skinned Turk's trunks (the pants and chest) and quit? well i restarted the whole thing. I wanna use it to try out for NND. Its still WIP, i need to do all the wireframes plus the ears. Credits: Turk for the model, and JB for the skinmap (and Nuttzy for critz on hair and Iceman...
  10. F

    I Dont Completely Understand Some Of The Entities

    i dont understand the info_player_start and evil start and good start and death match entites completely, dont they need atributtes, where should i place them, and wut other entites are very vital, or wut entites should i put in my map
  11. C

    esf completely not working

    i have a counter-strike retail version. running windows 2000 first of all when i try to install, it tries to install to some weird non-existant folder which i cannot find. the path follows C://Recycler recycler is some folder i went looking around my comp for ages and had no hope of finding...
  12. C

    My completely new look!

    :cool: Well first of I wan't you to tell me what ya think but. Can a mod plz help me with my avater it wount load up. Could you plz upload it for me I can't seem to get it up here it is! And the link is-> So tell me what...
  13. N

    DOOM Zombie by Nicho

    I did a really odd picture last night.. It took over 2 hours but I was soooo tired after I had finished.. I had a crazy Image like.. the horror of Rob Zombie's music combined with the fellow ship of the ring, or maybe DOOM I came up with this drawing.. I was tired but completely awhere of what I...
  14. DragonDude

    Your Mapping... HL1 or HL2?

    I was just curious, how many mappers here are planning on switching and mapping only for HL2 when it comes out? Myself, I'm going to try it, because it adds tons of new and useful features with AI and scripts, but I don't know if I'm going to completely switch over. What are you guys planning?
  15. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  16. T

    GT Goku Wip

    im making a chibi goku from dbgt.. check it out
  17. G

    Scary Freaky Wallpaper

    I was bored and I started this freaky wallpaper. ^_^
  18. Bryggz

    Back on the modeling scene, with a lil sumpin' sumpin'- wip's a chest....but i made it entirely poly by poly, i'm working on the arms, this character will be completely original, and I'm releasing it to more than just the esf community, I'll also be skinning it, when i'm ready, anyways, Crits? I'll update this thread with new pics whenever...
  19. S

    Reskin of vegeta yes i like vegeta he kicks azzzz i allso reskined a goku just made his colors more bright pic will be on tommarow......... credits model turk skin mastasurf reskin me aka SlipKnot im not trying to do a hole reskin i want to beef up the...
  20. Bryggz

    Weapon Model Request Thread

    I find that I can make weapon models quite nicely, considering how i made link's sword (i'm not sure if mine got used) i made ganondorf's sword, and i find that making weapons is quite fun, as models can get quite complicated and redundant (just my opinion b/c i haven't been in the mood lately...