1. Skyrider

    VBulletin 3.7 Forum Transfer (completed)

    MOVEMENT IS DONE: Small list of 3.7 new Features: If you have any questions, ask now.
  2. Neon

    Yay... episode 2 finally completed

    Finally completed episode 2 (got lazy and was doing like 1-5 frames per day :P). well here it is: and here's how the fusion will be in the next episode (if i decide to put it in) creds to nintendo, , me for some VERY minor edits (dont know if you can tell...
  3. D

    When will the rest of the site be completed?

    not a demand, just a question. i am curious to see the rest of the site.
  4. E

    DBZ Fan-Fic: Control - Completed

    Wow, seems like everyones writing something now and I gotta say I'm really impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I've been inspired to resurrect something thats been gathering dust for a while now. In this fic I'm going to try and answer a couple of questions that DBZ never answered; namely why...
  5. Suh Dude

    My first model completed....?

    My first model completed, atleast i tried :D
  6. I

    Almost Completed

    Ive overlooked the many updates and wondered, since you guys have indeed tested and didn't have any stability problems. Does this mean you are almost finished with the updates in the change log? If so does that mean the new 1.2 will be released soon to the public? This new version seems to be...
  7. TeKNiK

    Yay Kuwabara Completed his new sig.. Rate plz

    Critz/Comments plz..
  8. Kman3252

    Newbie Modeler - First model

    I guess this is my first model since ive never completed one of my models before. I dont think im going to make a full model out of this its just for practice. crits please
  9. T


    Ok, Im at my moms house in Denver, and she has Windows 98'. So I dl ESF and all the other junk and it works fine, but the problem is the Models I dl. Instead of going into an unzipped folder, it shows a little icon of a computer monitor, what do I do!? O_o :( :talk:
  10. MaX

    My 1st COMPLETED Model. dl that it got the 2 pics in it..its a half human chicken dont plan i skining it or animating it...just felt like making somthing...itf somone wants to finish it they can..and if they use it for a mod..gime credits..hope ya like...
  11. B

    ok i completed my vegeta smd now...

    i try to save the smd (replece it with the orignl) but it says to me this"found vertex with invaild bone assignment! model not exported!" what do i need to do? please help me:S
  12. S

    Request: High quality Goku skins?

    What are some links to the best quality completed Goku skins? Anything will do. SSJ 2, 3, different cloths, Etc... Thanks.
  13. F

    New Journal

    Hopeless Dreams Obviously meant to have a somewhat simple style to it. Not completely done and still has a little info to be added but it is completed enough to comment on if you wish...that and the fact that I'm not to sure when I will have another chance to work on its appearance.
  14. Wuying Ren


    Where do you start if you make an artwork ? At the waist the head or the foots ?
  15. S

    for the ESF_TEAM

    ey ESF_TEAM how are u guys i have a question: How many maps are left or are they all done and: whats left for he beta Models are done, maps dont know?, so whats left? but u guys do a great job!:D
  16. D

    Completed Work

    Use this thread to post your stuff that you have completed. I'll have some stuff up VERY soon, and please post your stuff here as well.
  17. E

    Calsonic Skyline

    Ive been modeling for gta3 lately cuz i wanted to be abel to do more than humans so i leant to model cars.......heres my 3rd car, my nismo, heres a older picture but its coloured: and heres the latest one but without the colourng: critz plz :P
  18. S

    what's left to be completed for the beta?

    ....subject sez it all much is left to do in terms of models/animations/sounds etc... thx
  19. S

    Completed new trunks!

    Wow mah lord you really ownz! Xstortionist! j00 the man lol :D that model is sweet i hope ill see it in the new beta soon.. well i hope soon :P for all those who didnt see it, the pics is in the dev journal of Xssssttoooorrrrrrrttiioooonniiissstt!.. srry for the spammy.
  20. Antoine3323

    Brolli Model

    I know someone had made a Brolli model a while back, and I remember seein pics and stuff of an almost finished skinned version!! So, did anyone actually finish it?!?!