1. @lv/n

    esf_rosat, a complain...

    Hi! i don't know if this is the right forum to post but here it goes... i liked ESF 1.1b's esf_resat just ike it was... it was more alike dbz's training room... also the ground has the sound of "water"?!?!?!? no sense at all... i think you shouldn't have touched it...
  2. Death The Jedi

    I got bored...

    How do you guys think that looks? If someone likes it, and wants to use it for something, feel free. I think it's ok.. I know it's really bright, but I'm not gonna change anything on it.. I was bored.. and I made this, just wondering what you guys thought of it
  3. Wangster

    w4ngst3rs bryce pics...

    well, sorry, i DO have the pic, but my lycos is down, so i cant get it hosted, can someone host those for me? so i can show the 2 pics i made? ( BTW: i wil thank opty for the inspiration...)
  4. We$$ide

    complain about the model page off AFC

    ive been a view times on that site, and ive even mailed the owner of it, but he hasnt put credits on his site, and ive found a skin edit off mine if you guys dont believe it download the goku with the king kai logo on his back from this site, the credits are in the zip file...
  5. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i want to complain but i don't know where so.... a complain against the moderator "cheesumba" why do you close all the threads???? do you get a kick out of it ;/ ;/ ;/
  6. M


    Ok, on esf_city, there are good road/building textures that i wanna use. i cant find them. what are they called when u add the esf.wad to valve hammer? >.<
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    Someone ripped Exploding Aura..

    All artist's beware They blatantly took Exploding Aura V2 the bg and use it on their forums. If they do not take it down, legal action will be taken, as I have copyrighted every image I make. His name is gipper. Edit: seems he has taken it down, but...
  8. T

    Mistery X's Perfect Cell.. Now Downloadable

    Hey I upload Mistery X's Perfect Cell for help after getting it compiled and scaled here ya go, enjoy! ****EDIT**** its getting host on red saiyan too and my bandwitch is dead so im going to use this link DOWNLOAD NOW!!
  9. Skyrider

    only a complain about models.......

    i know that models looking cool and all, but why should they added here if they arent for this mod?!
  10. T

    Mystic Gohan

    Well i downloaded azn his mystic gohan (battle damaged). And the model is really awesome and the skin also. But it's different from the show. I fixed it. :) It's now more reddish like in the series.
  11. S

    wish i could complain about meele...

    is it just me or is esf meele realy realy weird....iv been playin bfp 4 a while so maybe thats why, but i just dont get how the meele system works in this game i would greatly apreciate it if some 1 could explain how it works:S
  12. A


    Oh i wonna download some skins for ESF.And cool onese.But no juse i have a prob with it and now i can't play anymore.dam damn damn:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  13. W

    black&white drawings (big)

    It's been a while since i posted anything so here goes This drawing is actually on A3 format (it was alot of work scanning it :p ) i reduced the size by 75 %.. (sorry 640X480 users) This is my first drawing using charcoal... it is a bit out of proportions but it was a test to see how...
  14. Cold Steel

    vegeta's head

    would anyone agree with me if i would say vegeta's esf beta model head is a litlle flatten at the back of his head.This doesn't look pretty you know.
  15. Ryoko

    Red Dress Ryoko

    With a microphone! Critisms and maybe some comments please!
  16. ZuL

    Sword superslash animation

    I made it for fun, and it turned out to be very good! I hope i get this into my mod... :) oh well, heres the link to the zip. ZuL
  17. L

    Site Layout in the works - Need Opinions

    Ok guys i never ask for opinions ever because i likedoing stuff onmy own. however i was asked by a friend of mine to make him a layout. Now i suck major ass at layouts because they take too much time. However i got really bored today and decided to spend some time and work on one. everything you...
  18. thor


    three weeks ago we had a new map ever couple of days i havent seen a new map in a while weres all the mappers gone?
  19. S

    there is no need to complain about 'sig testing threads'

    Doesnt the description of this forum say "test your signatures here" it is allowed therefore no one shoudl complain, if you dont like htem, dont read em. SIMPLE!