1. T

    I need help with compiling model

    What should I use program to make model and compile it to mdl with skeleton and all other things? (sorry for bad english) :laff:
  2. V

    Importing model to ms3d and compiling

    well, while im hoping my old account will get a new password wich i will get, i though i will ask now on this forum if someone could help me out. i?ve just rigged the main important parts for compiling, but the main problem i have is: When i?m importing my Riku to ms3d the mesh get...
  3. donnierisk

    Help! compiling error!

    Well i'm making my newest map, then when I compile this error comes up, i've never seen it before, please help me! Imageshack is a bish nowadays, so here's just what stood in the .log file: Error: ReadSurfs (Line 1): 158 > g_numplanes Oh and in another thread you guys talked about null...
  4. yopyop


    plz help me i have milkshape and i got a model now i wanted to compile it: i had to generate a qc file right? and then? how can i use the animations e.g. from trunks??
  5. S

    model compiling ?

    can someone plz tell me how can i compile model to put it to map ?
  6. M

    half life 2 model compiling

    I know eventually someone will come to these forums, and will start to ask questions about hl2 models and all that fun stuff, so I decided to make a tut. This tut will teach you how to compile a prop to be used in maps. Making player models will probably be the same, except you have to...
  7. Enix

    Compiling 4K+ poly models

    Nuttzy and some others said you can do this, but everytime i try to compile a 4200 poly model it says "************ ERROR ************ too many normals in model: "actiongordon"" Help? i would really appreciate it.
  8. Ultimate Trunks


    Im having some trouble with my MilkShape 3D I dont know how to take the skeleton out of my original 1.2 goku model and put it into a new model I got off the internet because these models dont have Skeletons can someone please help me? I would be most...
  9. imkongkong

    Problem with compiling

    When i use ZHLT Compile GUI to compile a map i made, it said "Try 'Check for problems' in Worldcraft/Hammer. You should see an error named 'Texture axis perpindicular to face'; this brush(es) must be fixed." When I do check for problems in worldcraft, it says there is no problem. Can...
  10. Darkside

    compiling errors

    when i try and compile models in ms3d, i get up to this point and it makes erros and freezes its not only for that model either, i tried somethign as simple as decompiling trunks and goku and recompiling them without touching contents in folder and got same problem
  11. S

    Compiling With Hammer, Hull File?

    How Do I Compile ESF Maps With Hammer? I've Made My Map And Hit F9. Gone Into Expert Compiling. But I'm Not Sure What To Put Here...I'm Really Gobsmacked About The Hull.txt Thing And Where To Find It. PLEASE HELP! :cry:
  12. Amayirot Akago

    Need help compiling a model in MS3D

    I decided I'd try to attach my guitar model to the ESF Trunks model in place of his sword for fun. So, I deleted the sword, placed the guitar there instead, attached it to the proper joint, added a skin for the guitar, exported the whole bunch as an SMD (Trunks-Sword.smd), and compiled the QC to...
  13. N


    Hello all. I was just wondering, how do I compile the ESF Alpha 2.0 SDK using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6? I just got the thing so... don't know much about it... thx 4 ur help.
  14. I

    Compiling a aura

    I made a aura model and the 5 skins that are needed. but how do i compile the model that they are used correctly? is there a special order for the skins?
  15. S

    Compiling a aura

    I made a aura model and the 5 skins that are needed. but how do i compile the model that they are used correctly? is there a special order for the skins?
  16. M

    Helping compiling a model wit milkshpe(ERROR HELP - CRASHING!!!)

    I have that old gohan model parts(MILKSHAPE FILES) everything is assigned! the model looks fine, all the bmps are in place here we go... compile the QC file when it reaches to $sequence ref_shoot_bodypart in the compilation thingy MILKSHAPE stop respawnding and after 20 seconds it...
  17. J

    compiling problem

    Hey when ever I try to do the fake cell shading on a model and compile, it starts compiling then it gets to the last animation and says that an error happend and closes. Does anyone know how to fix this? O yeah Im using MS3D.
  18. M

    ack compiling problem

    okay, I'm having this weird compiling problem that I've probably said before. I said how ms3d compiles everything together, but at the end it crashes. Well, it's happening again. Before I thought it was because the models I made had extremely high polies, but my trunks model isn't that high...
  19. G

    model compiling in MS3D

  20. Amayirot Akago

    Compiling error

    Oh dear... when I try to compile my map I get a warning about leaks in my map... I have, of course, checked the outside of the map for possible leaks in the walls surrounding the map, but I didn't find anything. Furthermore, after compiling the map and I try to run it, the map loads, but...