1. frsrblch

    RAM compatibility

    Im looking to upgrade the RAM and GPU of the old computer I sold to my sister (Ive moved out and dont need it). If I know what motherboard Ive got (which I dont ATM) where can I check to see what RAM will be compatible with it?
  2. sefirot_jenova

    One question of compatibility

    I have one question. Will ESF work with the Counter Strike Condition Zero? Thanks See ya!
  3. L

    Compatibility with other mods FMOD.dll

    After downloading the FMOD file from this site and installing it, ESF 1.2 worked fine. However, I have a mod called Sven-Coop, and when I try to play it, it gives me the same error I first got with ESF about not being able to open client.dll. To remedy this, i keep two versions of FMOD in My...
  4. G


    I love ESF, I've been playing it for a very very long time. But I also like other games too. I have Natural Selection 3.0 Beta 4, Sven Co-op 3.0, The Specialists 2.1, and I plan on playing even more in the future. So, of course my suggestion will be that ESF is finally compatible with these...
  5. Rebirah


    I dont know if im suppost to post here.. but here goes Ok well I have a scanner and It pre scans, but when I slick scan it says like scan failed right when I click it Scanner: Plustek optic pro 600p OS: XP Home I have a really good drawing I wanna show yall but it wont scan :( Thank...
  6. D

    Map compatibility

    I'm kind of new to ESF, and was wondering if the ESF alpha 2.0 maps on Red Saiyan would work with ESF beta 1.0?
  7. We$$ide

    re-animations for beta 1.1???

    in beta 1.1 are some new attacks, but shouldn't some models be reanimated like goku with his kame torpedos? *edit* i mean models which are made like the ssj2, ssj3 goku ect.
  8. K

    Compatibility with Metamod

    Metamod is a plugin/DLL manager that sits between the Half-Life Engine and an HL Game mod, allowing the dynamic loading/unloading of mod-like DLL plugins to add functionality to the HL server or game mod. It is necessary for many useful server tools (such as Admin Mod, HLGuard and...