1. underline

    Something great is comming, im feeling !!! :D

    i dunno, but in the past weeks everythigs is different in this forum, i know im not an very active member but i visit this forum like 2 or 3 times each day.. maybe im wrong, but i can fell that the team starts to work hardly in the mod again, i can fell it! i can see it! you guys now are...
  2. T

    Wtf is with this "game is currnetly univalible" bull thats beenj comming up for the w

    as in title its keeps saying about this game is currently univalible man i h8 it
  3. V


    if i'm looking at the servers at steam ESF,there are not many servers,so im opening a new one ,on the 6 of januari, on what time i don't know and i also don't know of the server will be running day and night. (thats up to you) how do you think,simply if there are not many people using the...
  4. crazykorean10

    When is Budokia 3 comming out

    I am gettinhg very impatient i could call my cousin in korea and ask him to bu y it for me and mail but i am not sure if it has come out in asia damn i am getting impatient i went to alot of different sites about when i comes out but most of them say in Novmeber ;(
  5. S

    The Dan Die Collection

    the dan die collection..............#4 & #5 follows more comming soon Links removed due to obscene language.
  6. PiXel

    i`ve got an new idea

    so u all know the map rats i think better when many people make some maps in rats maybe rats namek or rats planet vegeta and some mor e or rats usa or germany and so what are u thinks about about this idea please crritits and i can`t maping so please mappers anwered fatser:) :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. Mistery X

    model for SAIYAN CRUSADES, Chibi Trunks

    Check it out, NO ITS NOT FOR ESF ok now that, that is out of the way, lookie and crit please
  8. Skyrider

    sound problem/ and waterfall

    i got some sound mapping problem. i dont know how to add sounds in a map. well. i know how to. but there isnt comming sound ouT! and another question is my WATERFALL! i dont know how to add a waterfall!! ( with water falling down )plz help :) thkz lol.. ps how do i make things round?

    New Dbz Game Comming Out

    Its a single player game comming out so for all your RPG gamers it is for YOU P.S. please dont bann me for this i only mean good:talk:


    I really want to know if there is a brolliu model out/comming out.
  11. D

    Edited ESF gohan model

    ive made a few edits to the gohan model, one of the major edits is ive added more hair. take a look: of course credit to the team for this model and the amazing game they have produced im seeing if i can get it hosted at redsayain so if your intrested you can grab it there(but not yet)
  12. F

    When Is The God Dam Beta Comming Out!!

    just wanna knw casue its pissing me offf.. when is the new beta comming OUT!!
  13. D

    the new picoollo

    i know its hard to model...but the new model of piccollo isn't correct! -is torso is too small -his legs are too long -his antenna are too square and it supossed to be more in the middle of the forehead. -the ear dont start enough high there r too low ...thats all ... the skin...
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