1. Spunky

    New WoW Commercial

    William Shatner and Mr. T are doing WoW commercials, and as expected, they're awesome.
  2. Suh Dude

    New Eclipse commercial...

    Has lesbians in it... :0
  3. A

    Insane PS3 commercial. If this doesn't scare you, you probably need therapy.
  4. B

    the real PS3 commercial

    this time, this isn't a fan made one real version but if ur looking for a laugh..heres a good one by a well know site.. anyone liked the real one ?
  5. Jariroth

    Bleach, English dub commercial?

    Here's commercial to show english voices of Ichigo and Rukia in dubbed version On my opinion they messed up bad. As proved again english voice actors can't bring the feeling to their acting. Dubbed < Original voice
  6. Robby

    Funky Xbox 360 commercial

    Never aired since it has "violence" can I get a lol?
  7. S

    Haha, coolest commercial ever!
  8. Mr. Satans

    Mentos Commercial Spoofs

    A long time ago Magus and I were really into these crazy Mentos Commercial spoofs. I lost them all a long time ago and now I need to find them again. 1) Evangelion Mentos 2) Asian Kids & Pokemon Cards Mentos 3) Snowman Rape Mentos (Kinda gross but VERY funny) 4) Magus' own
  9. M

    Art Proposition

    ok i'm looking for someone to make some kind of art for my band for fun and that may be used...depending...any artwork i dont care so just post some art in this thred that says death by stars and it can have something to do with the name or not i'm just interested in any kind(photoshop is more...
  10. P

    What is a commercial game?

    and what is "Goin public" I dont understand it........ yeah I know what "Leavin behind esf or ESF is dead" means..... IT MEANS: THAT SUKZ ALOT esf= finnaly a mod that can bring me to heaven( and those large blast radius really kicks ass and teleporting out of the way is great and very...
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    I need some ideas!!!

    hey give me some ideas on things to do like cd covers package designs something commercial.
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    just a little art for ya

    ok i hade to come up with a graphic for a band so which version is better? by the way its for a commercial design class.