1. sub

    Supreme Commander

    So basically, anyone play this game? Raven, his friend, me, and occasionally sky play it every now and then, but it'd be nice to get some more people in on this. Anyone else interested :D? edit: I should probably mention it's the expansion Forged Alliance
  2. underline

    Supreme Commander 2 E3 (old) news! OMG! =O
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

    So lately I've taken an interest in Supreme Commander. After watching the forged alliance trailer, I was wondering how the story line goes. From what I've read after blacksun is fired it creates a softspot in space or something and then the Seraphim come through. So, my questions are...
  4. Killface

    Petraeus = new CENTCOM Commander Any thoughts? I heard about Petraeus being promoted in 6th hour today at school. (around 1:30 PM)
  5. sub

    Supreme Commander 2

    While not technically Supreme Commander 2, there's going to be a new standalone game in the Supreme Commander universe, titled Supreme Commander: Forged alliance. I think this is the same thing which happened to Company of Heroes, the game didn't sell enough copies to warrant an expansion so...
  6. sub

    Supreme Commander

    Is coming out pretty soon. There should be a single player demo coming out within the next week or two. Any of you guys planning on picking this game up or already playing the beta?
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Supreme Commander, Offical Movie 1;action;1&om_act=convert&click=topslot they talk about the BETA at the end of the video, and i think they show off all the experimental units.
  8. S

    ST: Bridge Commander - A Video ;)

    Well, Majin_You and I had a little ruffle in Bridge Commander today. I recorded several videos, but have only compressed and uploaded one atm. Note, this was his third ship against my one and only Sovereign. (This...
  9. D

    supreme commander

    WOAH this game looks awsome... O_O it comes out sum time next year... it is the would be sequel to Total Anialation. u play on a worldly scale i cant find many pics or anything so post what u find here...
  10. Hash

    Supreme Commander

    This game is now officially at the top of my Wanted list. I don't even know how to describe how much I want this game. Anyone ever heard of a little game called Total Anihilation? I'm sure you have, it's only one of the best, arguably, the best RTS ever created. While, Chris Taylor is finally...
  11. S

    Star trek: Bridge Commander Fights - Let's Go!

    If you'd like to engage in ST:BC fights, just post here with your ship's name and class. 2 Max of any ship type. This will be in ST:BC 1.0. Sovereign Class U.S.S. Sovereign-B