1. S

    Comin back.

    I haven't played ESF in a while. Whats new with it? lol. o_o. Im installing now.

    THE DBZ MOVIE COMIN OUT 2007 take look guy i found out they going to actualy make i was are or are the not yea guys were ganna have some badass movies comeing halo and dbz ya!!!!!!!!! :laff:
  3. S

    WHEN IS V1.2.2 COMIN OUT!!!

    Please could someone tell me when v1.2.2 is comin out if anyone knows. :)
  4. PiXel

    Siggesh comin Bakc!

    hehe Just made many sigs... but wanna show ya some! hmmm..... and my concurently one ^^ C&C please!
  5. W

    2 trans r sux!! we want more (like EVM comin)

    hello some friends and me want thet in ESF we can transform more then 1 times. soo we make something like EVM calld IEM and we want to play wiht it soo we want to finish it and we need some1 to make us ssj3 transform i mean to light nd booms and those stuff. plz do it fast 10q... we have...
  6. W

    my first model edit and reskin! comin!!

    Adult Gohan model edit and reskin !+credits! realase! hey! look at thet my first model edit of adult gohan! credits: body: AZN Dragon first skin: Moshe Kipod Hamavet pic LOL i create the kamehameha :) and here is the download link :)...
  7. G

    Yo peeps when is new beta comin out??

    When is the new beta coming out?? and is it gonna be available on the site?? (man what a stupid question):id:
  8. L

    when is esf comin out?

    i want to kno when this is comin out man! i cant wait! but atleast u hav a beta version! hehe if u kno this dbz mod called sos.... thats bin in progress for so damn long and they didnt even have a beta version yet! they said that they wont or cant make one....or something like that.
  9. greentaco

    Artwork Tutorials

    Post all links for Artwork Tutorials in this thread please. Digitexturia - Noah GreenTaco